Onya Front End Loader

Onya Cycles designs electric bikes intended to replace cars for local errand runs. The Front End Loader can handle San Francisco’s hills, like this video demonstrates.

The bearded guy in the video is Dr Saul Griffith, an Australian inventor who now hangs out in San Francisco. Like all of the cool mechanically inclined uber-geniuses in this area, he likes bikes. He founded Squidoo Labs with Dan Goldwater and is involved with Makani Power, WattzOn, HowToons, Instructables, OptiOpia, Potenco and Monkeylectric. Griffith is a technical advisor to Make magazine and Popular Mechanics.

Onya’s flagship Front-End Loader can carry up to 200 lbs in the front basket. This three wheeler tilts so you lean into turns (without fear of tipping) like a bicycle. The base model, which is fabricated and assembled in the San Francisco Bay Area, sells for $2995. You can see photos of the Front End Loader in action in Dave’s Flickr photostream.

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