Women Of Dirt

Mountain bike film features women athletes
California premier in Santa Cruz

The official trailer for Awesome Land: Women of Dirt recently came out.

Women of Dirt showcases women in mountain biking, featuring Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Cierra Smith, Emily Johnston, Lisa Myklak, Jill Kintner, Leana Gerrard, Dawn Cashen, Katrina Strand, Kathy Pruitt, and Darcy Turenne.

The sport of mountain biking has long been a male dominated sport and until recently all forms of media covering this sport have focused on the men with an occasional mention to women. There has been a large influx of women participating in all forms of mountain biking and the level of talent has been exponentially increasing. Women of Dirt is a groundbreaking film by the filmmakers at Bones Over Metal that spotlights some of the most talented women on two wheels and the lifestyles they lead to allow them to ride. Awesome Land: Women Of Dirt celebrates the mountain bike while celebrating the women who love them.

The California premier of this film will be presented by the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz on Sunday, February 28 2010 at the Rio Theater on Soquel. The filmmaker and at least two of the women in the film will be on hand at the Santa Cruz showing. More details forthcoming next week.

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