Anne Hathaway rides a bicycle

Actress Anne Hathaway rides a bicycle during filming of the movie “One Day” last year in London.

Anne Hathaway rides a bicycle while filming "One Day"

The film is in post-production now. In the movie, Ms Hathaway gets hit by a truck while riding her bike. How clever and inventive!

Writer / illustrator Matthew Henry Hall has a much more imaginative suggestion for Ms Hathaway – she should ride her bike to the Oscars!

Anne Hathaway bicycles to the Oscars

See more of Mr Hall’s fun bike riding celebrity drawings over at Commute By Bike where Ted Johnson writes his open letter to entertainers going to the Oscars.

Quite a few of you like to be seen in your hybrid cars. But in terms of “making a statement,” the hybrid thing kind of peaked in 2005. Sure, you can go for a luxury hybrid or an electric vehicle, but that just seems a bit desperate.

I’d like to suggest something that would have real impact. Not just environmental impact, but the kind impact that matters most to you: chatter!

More at Commute By Bike. And a big thank you to Matthew Hall for his kind permission to use his drawing here.

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  1. Ms Hathaway gets hit by a truck while riding her bike.

    Oh for chrissakes. Hopefully her character will triumph over her injuries, and her struggle to find love. And perhaps I will triumph in my struggle to keep down my popcorn.

    Thanks for the link.

    BTW: My favorite Anne Hathaway role was as Mary Poppins on SNL.

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