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The Strida folding bicycle saves the day in issue #3 of Gaku Miyao’s Abao Bicycle Shop of Namikibashi Street (Namiki Bashidoori: Aoba Jitenshaten or 並木橋通りアオバ自転車店).

Aoba Bicycle Shop on Namikibashi Street #3

This occasional (Very occasional! Issue #1 was published in 1999) Manga series focuses on family adventures around the owner of a Japanese bike shop and his young daughter. You can see this entire issue here or view as a slideshow below (and in Japanese only — English translations are available for issues 1 and 2, but I don’t see any yet for this one).

Oh hey look: Commute By Bike happens to be reviewing one of Strida’s current models.

H/T to Jym.

You can buy Strida bikes and accessories here.

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