Monday Bike News

Lots of stuff to catch up on after a beautiful and long weekend gawking at and riding bikes at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey.

Cowgirl on a bicycle @ Sea Otter 2011

New York police make up new rules when they ticket a cyclist for having a handbag on her handlebars. There’s a law that says a cyclist can’t carry “any package, bundle, or article which prevents the driver from keeping at least one hand upon the handle bars,” but Claire Lecomte du Nouy was breaking that law.

Now here’s a shocker: somebody gets a bike shaped object from the discount store for their grandkid and discovers some parts are missing.

Do you remember the disabled couple who were hit by a car while riding their tandem bicycle near Champaign, Illinois? The driver, Mr Errol Maul of Tolono, killed Cindy Combs; her husband David Combs remains the hospital six weeks after the collision. Maul was fined $2000 for two petty traffic offenses in the case. Via Urbana-Champaign Cycling Ventures.

Build A Bike Comic Book.

Cycle & Style: Commuter Girl’s Guide to Messenger Bags and Backpacks.

WIRED Gear Factor: st Complicated Bike Drinking System You Could Possibly Imagine.

Grist: Surpise! imes Square air cleaner now that cars are gone.

Planetizen: Miami’s latest boom: Bicycling.

Bicycles are a popular theme for wedding invitations.

Sea Otter Classic 2012 will begin on April 12.

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