Rainy Friday

Happy Friday, everybody. California roads, highways and rail service closed in the wake of flooding and slides from the incessant rain, but I’m still able to ride my bicycle in the rain! (I’m just happy Highway 17 hasn’t washed out and that Caltrain is running on time).

Rainy road Panda

Good question from Treadly & Me: Do do inexperienced cyclists take bad risks because that’s what ‘serious’ cyclists do?

Another question, this one from Steve Vance: how to label users of various transportation modes. “Reducing mode choice categories to nouns – cyclists, motorists, riders, etc – is potentially divisive.

Georgia bicycle patrol saves actor Danny McBride from an unruly mob of adoring fans

Santa Cruz Bike People

Bike share in Boston?

Free bike repair stations in Cambridge Mass.

Bicycling street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham says he’s had 27 bikes stolen through the 50 years he’s spent riding around New York City.

Fortworthology on Highway Oriented Development, via The Streetsblog Network.

North Lake Tahoe Historical Society call for artists to create bicycle art for the 2011 Amgen Tour of California.

Steep Hill: Big photos from Coppi e Bartali.

Copenhagenize looks in depth at that silly Australian car insurance advertisement that lampoons non-car transportation.

Santa Cruz Bike People

Coffeelicious? Via Cory Grunk.

The environmental sustainability of cycle tourists.

Finally, Russ & Laura (Path Less Pedaled) want you to fill out their survey on Amtrak travel w/ bikes.

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  1. My brother sent me a link to AOL Autos about that bike repair station in Cambridge, Mass, asking me if I thought it would catch on and “if they work.”

    I wouldn’t mind having access to that when I travel – I don’t want to bring my tools with me cuz the TSA is annoying about them.

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