Plasma for fuel!

Happy Hump Day. Let’s see what’s in new in the world of bicycling today.

The Contra Costa Times included a link to Cyclelicious in this story about San Francisco Tweed Rides. Props to Cold Iron Dave for that!

In that video to the right: People are selling their blood plasma to pay for gas.

From Kansas City Bike Info via Warren T.

Amgen Tour of California begins this Sunday at South Lake Tahoe. Would you believe snow is in the forecast there for this weekend?

Scotts Valley Grand Prix this Sunday near Santa Cruz, California. I’ll be there instead of at Tahoe.

The City of Palo Alto plans to double the amount of cycling by 2020. “I’d like us to be more bold and aggressive,” says Councilman Greg Scharff. “I’d like to be a first-class bicycle city where everyone calls us instead of calling Portland.” The bicycle mode share in Palo Alto is about 5%, which is about the same level as Portland, OR, though Portland also has ten times the population of Palo Alto. Over 20% of staff at adjacent Stanford University commute to work by bike.

During a stop sign / red light enforcement operation in Aptos, California last week, the CHP and sheriff cited 74 people for failing to stop. Among them was cyclist John James Scurfield. He ran a stop sign and was subsequently arrested. Another cyclist in Glendale Arizona was shot and killed by police after he ran a stop sign. And And they say police never ticket cyclists.


Local businesses donate money for a new bike patrol unit in New Jersey.

Chicago Mayor Emmanuel Rahn’s transition report has lots for transpo nerds to dig into.

Awfulness: Man driving 5 MPH accidentally kills his four year old nephew.

A medical college professor demonstrates his ignorance of risk assessment by proclaiming the danger of bicycling. It often seems the medical profession advocate strongest for helmet use as well.

Lots of buzz from this week’s Google I/O in San Francisco, including the possibility of more bike gadgets taking advantage of Google’s new Accessory Design Kit (ADK) for Android. This is something like Apple’s External Accessory Framework for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, but Google’s labyrinth demo is wow worthy.

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  1. I wish you would stop running article links like the two above, where police stop criminals who happen to be on bikes.  Your sentences are misleading – these aren’t stories about abuse of power or police ignorance of cyclist rights. 

    John James Scurfield may have been a cyclist, but he didn’t stop for police and was subsequently recognized as a “most wanted” criminal within the county.  The cyclist in Arizona was killed because he fled instead of stopping, and then when confronted by officers pulled out a gun. 

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