Good Friday

Happy Good Friday, everybody, a Happy Earth Day as well and Chag Sameach on during this Passover season.

53 Miles Per Burrito Panda

You might remember Ricardo José Neis in Brazil. He’s the guy who was caught on video brutally driving his car through a sea of people on bikes during a Critical Mass in Porto Alegre. He gave an exclusive interview to a Brazilian news shows. The Urban Country had the interview professionally translated into English.

Do you remember truck driver Gabriel Manzur Vera? He’s the guy who was driving the truck around Portola Valley onto I-280 when cyclist Lauren Ward somehow ended up under his wheels. Ward’s family is suing Vera and his employer for wrongful death, and Vera wants San Mateo County to pay any judgement, claiming Ward’s fatality was caused by a dangerous condition on public property created on or maintained by the
County of San Mateo.

Golden Gate Bridge District committee delays vote on 10 MPH bike speed limit after several cyclists and other stakeholders showed up at the meeting.

Scott Walker is the Wisconsin Governor who is (in)famously pushing austerity in his state to cut costs. He’s slashed budgets for education, local roads, public transportation, health care for seniors, recycling programs and a number of other state programs. And then he uses those savings to raid $140 million from the general fund for new highway expansion in his state, “crushing any arguments that highway users pay for the costs of roads” notes Steve Hinkler for Streetsblog DC.

WSJ: US car manufacturers lobby for fuel efficiency standards to be linked to the price of gas, because consumers won’t buy fuel efficient cars unless they’re motivated by high fuel prices.

Bike Hugger’s commentary on the best exercise for you. (Hint: it involves “bicycles”).

Boston Bike Share.

DC Bikeshare use “practically doubled overnight” after partnering with an online coupon company (with bonus uptight finger wagging about the lack of helmet use among Bikeshare users).

GigaOm used one of my photos to illustrate their story on 5 apps to get you back on your bike. For those motivated by competition, I’d add Strava to the list.

WIRED: Convert a diamond frame bike into a front drive front steer recumbent.

Book shelf is also a bike rack.

The New York Times Bay Area correspondent Scott James reports on bike lane opposition in San Francisco.

NYC DOT’s Bike Smart Pledge.

Kinetic Koffee

Maybe I’ll run on down to Starbucks with my mug for a free cup of joe. I wouldn’t have known about this Earth Day promo if Kent didn’t mention it.

From CYLRAB: Lots of good bikey Bay Area Earth Day stuff this weekend.

I’ll mention a little more about this later along with an invitation to my church for those in the South Bay, but this is also Easter weekend.


Photos both by Richard Masoner. First is me riding a Breezer Infinity bicycle while wearing a 53 Miles Per Burrito Shirt. The other is one of the mugs available from Kinetic Koffee.

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  1. Golly, I did the coffee earth day thing as well. I used a travel mug that fit into my water bottle carrier.

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