Smile! You’re riding a bike!

Happy Monday! Seen Sunday afternoon in Santa Cruz, California.

Teen girls

Bicycle News

Bicycle education for adults in the South Bay: Traffic Skills 101 Friday & Saturday, April 29-30 at Mountain View City Hall. Free class, but advance registration is required.

Bike Snob NYC reports from Paris-Roubaix. I slept through that race Sunday morning, accidentally glanced at Twitter and the first thing I saw was the winner. Bah.

Study: Kids make you fat. No duh. Who has time to bike when you’re caring for a kid? Via Velochimp, who tells me he started to get his riding jones while he was unable to ride.

Giant Bicycles sending 1000 “Emergency Edition” bicycles to Japan specifically for use by recovery workers to navigate rough terrain and damaged roadways that are no longer accessible by motor vehicles.

Marin newspaper praises county program to encourage biking and walking.

Biking Bis spots a long tailed weasel on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it’s dead.

Drivers cut back on driving as gas prices increase. Since 25% of this year’s corn crop will go to ethanol production, we can expect to cut back on our high fructose corn syrup as well. Gas is $4.15/gallon for regular at the cheap places in my part of California now.

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa writes on Streetsblog LA about about the happy smiling faces he saw at Ciclavia yesterday.

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