Bike To Work Day Santa Cruz Photos

I uploaded several photos from Santa Cruz Spring Bike To Work Day 2011.

$4.25 per gallon

I have captions for all of the photos. You can view them as a slideshow below (which looks best full screen), or click through individually here so you can read the captions. If you have your own BTWD photos please feel free to leave a link to them in the comments.


  • The best BTWD breakfast station hands down is Mollies Country Cafe in Scotts Valley. They serve a huge breakfast sandwich with two eggs and a big pile of ham along with ‘country fried’ potatoes. It’s prepared fresh and served piping hot along with OJ or coffee, bagels, toast, and fresh fruit. This is all FREE for cyclists on Bike to Work Day!
  • I’ve been meaning to visit Samba Rock Acai Cafe on Water Street for a couple of years now but never got around to it until today. You roll your bicycle right inside the shop, where you can order an espresso drink or smoothie. The smoothie I ordered is fantastic and owner Vanessa and her staff are super friendly. If you’re in Santa Cruz you *must* visit. Vanessa’s husband is Ron Wilkerson, an old BMX star who now owns 2 Hip Bicycles.
  • Micah Posner, the director of People Power Santa Cruz, was out in front of New Leaf Market encouraging people to “Join the Bike Movement.” People Power — the bike advocacy group for Santa Cruz — receives funding from New Leaf’s ‘Envirotokens’ program. New Leaf selects the six programs they’ll fund through this online survey, so vote now and vote often for People Power.

Special shouts out to Vanessa of Samba Rock Acai Cafe on Water Street, the other Vanessa and her chihuahua M.J. with her orange bicycle on Pacific Avenue, Micah Posner of People Power, Piet Canin of Ecology Action, and Rick of Clutch Couriers Santa Cruz who I saw all over the place in town.


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