Burley re-introduces trailer bikes and ski trailer kit

Burley announced the reintroduction their Piccolo 7 speed trailer bike, Kazoo singlespeed trailer bike, and the We! Ski Kit for trailers.

Burley Piccolo trailer bike for children

The Piccolo and Kazoo make their reappearance. Both trailercycles adjust easily for growing children and feature an aluminum frame and the patented Burley hitch design for durability, high performance and a solid ride. Both include the Burley Tailwind Rack, which is designed to securely connect the Trailercycle to the lead bicycle or work as a heavy-duty rear bike rack.

Burley’s We! Ski Kit transforms a Burley bike trailer into a way to bring a child, pet or gear along for a trip through the snow, designed as an accessory for cross country skiing, skate skiing, or snow shoeing. The non-wax skis of the kit are custom made by Alpina® and attach with a push-button system to the wheel axle. The adjustable, lightweight tow bars connect to a trailer’s side mounts and lead to a padded hip harness.

Burley We Ski trailer kit

“Our customers love the Piccolo, Kazoo, and We! Ski Kit and with the overwhelming demand, we decided to bring them all back,” said Mike Coughlin, CEO of Burley Design. “The trailercycles let parents teach their children how to ride a bike in a safe and fun way and the ski kit essentially turns a Burley trailer into a safe sled. Kids can join the adults for a winter ride on the mountain.”

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  1. I’m wondering if the new racks will work with the old piccolos. I’ve got one that I’d like to use with more than one bike.

  2. Yes! The new racks are new and improved..they are compatible with the old Piccolos and old Kazoos. Colors available: black and chrome. You can also use the rack (Moose rack now called the ‘Tailwind Rack’) as a heavy duty bike rack (as stated in the article above). The new Piccolo and Kazoo will be available for purchase via our website: http://burley.com or with your local bike dealer around the end of October.

    Chelsea from Burley Designs

  3. Cool! The Piccolos will be available at the end of October 2011…if you’re looking for a bike trailer right now, we’ve got those too 🙂

    -Chelsea from Burley Designs

  4. Hey Darryl,

    I just asked if we could do something like that but we can’t 🙁 I wish we could. You could rent one possibly (assuming you’re near a bike rental shop) and see if they have the Burley Rental Cub.

    Thanks for asking about our trailers!


  5. whats new and improved about it? i mean really how did you make it even better? it was already pretty awesome 🙂 it’s the sturdiest rack i’ve ever used … any plans for a tandem piccalo like adams makes? i think your mounting system is way better.

  6. We had the Piccolo a long time ago. We are bringing it back at the end of October. You can order one with your local bike shop or via our website. The racks are compatible with the old Piccolos just FYI 🙂

    thanks for asking about the Piccolo!
    -Chelsea from Burley Design

  7. Wow! Thank you 🙂 I think you’re right. It can’t get any better. We just had so much request for the Piccolo and the Kazoo we had to bring them back. With the Tandem Piccolo…so far I haven’t heard that we will be making a version like that but I wouldn’t cancel it out. Anything’s possible!

    thanks for commenting!
    -Chelsea at Burley Design

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