Busy Friday

Busy day for me today so this will be a quick one. There’s more below the fold as usual.

Locking Up Your Bike FAIL

Popular sports journalist Neil Browne tried bantering with Lance Armstrong on Twitter, but Armstrong apparently didn’t have a sense of humor about Browne’s tweets. NBC / Versus fired Browne. Browne now asks how objective sports journalism can be in this kind of environment.

Chainguard for a triple crank.

East Bay Bike Party is tonight. The theme: Skirt Ride.

1970 Schwinn Super Sport

VeloJoy: A hold-out yields to city bicycling in heels.

Newport Beach, California rejects shared lane markings on the Pacific Coast Highway because the city “Bike Safety Committee” is uncomfortable with them.

Bikes EVERYWHERE – including in storefront windows.

It seems to be it would have been easier and faster to use the axe on the bike lock instead of on the tree.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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