Cat 3 Comics

“Anello Grande” in Rochester, MN has uploaded scans of the entire first issue of “Cat 3,” a short lived comic book about road cycling from 1990.

Cat 3 Comic Issue 1 Cover

Rapid City dentist and avid cyclist Ken Benusis published the comic book with the help of professional illustrator Ken Landgraf. The first issue includes a primer on the “friendly training ride” and a didactic story on combining your bikes with marriage. A page of predictions on the future of cycling includes things like “radar detectors become commonplace on bicycles in Boulder when city ordinance sets 20 MPH speed limit on human powered vehicles”, “due to climate warming, Nationals Road Race held in Kotzebue, Alaska” (located 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle) and, finally, “speed & mileage computed via satellite navigational / reckoning system like LORAN, making cycle computers obsolete.”

You can see all of the page scans here. Out Your Backdoor also posted some random pages from other issues a while back.

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