Fish in a barrel

Happy Friday.

A few days ago I watched as three or four Menlo Park police officers pulled drivers over left and right near El Camino Real. They weren’t secretive about it either — the black and whites were out in the open and very visible. As soon as an officer caught and then released a driver, he’d get in his car and literally within seconds he pulled another over.

I could only guess at the tickets — running red lights and stop signs is epidemic — but perhaps it has something to do with this distracted driving enforcement action? Menlo Park police issued 48 citations for talking on a phone while driving and seven for texting while driving. And this is after much publicity in which the CHP warned California drivers that April is a zero tolerance month for distracted driving.

Hang up and drive, okay?

A real live hubless bicycle. Via WIRED.

UK Bike Hub: Cyclists should design bike facilities. In the United Sttates, Federal law says any road project using Federal money must receive input from the public at large. Several states have similar laws regarding projects with state funds. Our main problem: Cyclists fail to show up at the hearings. We’re getting better about it, though.

Big City: What’s right (and what’s wrong) with Boris Bikes.

Bikes and Rocket Science: “We’re the experts in the thing that requires no expertise.

Why you should do group rides.

Sarah @ Grist on Facebook’s move to Menlo Park.

This weekend

Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival on Saturday.

Ciclavia in LA, Sunday Streets in San Francisco.

Don’t forget: The Sea Otter Classic in Monterey takes place next weekend!


  1. Hey dude, thanks for the link! Very much appreciated. Also, the Menlo cops are all over the place the past few days – on a ride today I passed 4 cops that had 5 SUV’s pulled over near Valparaiso. Hang up and drive for sure!

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