Independence Day rides

It is understood that there are viewers of this blog from around the globe, but thought I’d take time to ask what your plans are for the long weekend here in the States?

Going to be in the 90’s (F) here, hoping to do some grilling, definitely some riding, digging up a yard for xeriscaping and brewing a couple gallons of sun tea. I don’t know about you guys, but I prefer heat to cold when riding as it was a brutal winter – just five months ago the temperature was over 100º F colder.

Anyone watching the Tour de France?


  1. when it’s cold i can always put another jacket on… but when it’s hot i get arrested for trying to cool off? 
    i guess i like it cold

  2. Cycling to a party far away, so I’ll have about 170 miles down this weekend. I’ll probably watch parts of the TdF, but now that race seems kinda silly after driving with the Race Across America. TdF racers have massages, real food, beds to sleep in… but RAAM racers curl up in a van, never sleep, and are just plain hardcore cyclists!

  3. Andy, agreed on the TdF, but I have found that it motivates me just to watch whatever stage is on. Ditto on the RAAM too! 

  4. I haven’t had a TV in a few years, so it’s hard to keep up with multiday races, but I try to watch what I can. I do like watching the long version though, because I like all the attacks and breakaways. The 30 minute versions usually focus much more on the sprint finish and who wins the stage, but stage wins rarely have anything to do with who put in the effort in the day.

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