Life Sentence For Murder of Dutch Bike Shop Owner

I’m writing this Thursday night, but when this posts Friday morning I’ll hopefully be riding with the Santa Cruz To Google (SC2G) crew through various Mid Peninsula Open Space trail on an epic road + dirt commute to work over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Wish me luck.

Bicycle news

The return of the Kickstand Cyclery?

Trike chariot trailer

Louis Garneau air conditioned bike shoes.

KCBS San Francisco: New San Francisco Bicycle Shops Attracting Market Street Pedalers.

SF Food Bank on the Supermarket Street Sweep.

Changes in Wisconsin’s traffic law includes common sense updates for cyclists.

Belt drive bike makes the mainstream media.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago Mayor hopes bicycles fill the missing link in mass transit.

143 km of bicycle roads to be built in Mongolia. I love that there’s a bike shop called “Attila.” Hey, look, they even have a web page!

Bicycle Mongolia

A new women’s pro road race for 2012.

Chicago Bike Share to get millions in Federal money.

Kent: Opting out of the auto arms race.

Fredcast holiday guide.

UPS delivers packages by bike in Menlo Park, CA.

Grist: In praise of the humble pothole.

Finally: Life sentence in the murder of a Dutch bike shop owner.

“Bicycle Race Scene”: Calvert Lithograph, Detroit MI. 1895. We see bag matching is nothing new in the sport.

Link Love

THANK YOU to those who linked to Cyclelicious over the past couple of weeks, including Boston Biker, Town Mouse, Biking In LA, Urban Country, Urban Velo, Bike Portland, Tree Hugger and the Streetsblog Network.

Several bloggers have also used my Flickr photos to illustrate their posts. These include Natural Resources Defense Council in a story about sprawl and traffic, Digital Media Wire on PayPal, CSSWow which used my popular photo of a young woman reading a Kindle, Ventnor Blog to illustrate a story about wind damage to trees, Lifehacker Russia which used a crowd photo I shot in San Francisco, and WNYC which used a stock photo of a California oil field. I’m happy they use my photos; bonus points and a gold star for those who read the terms of my license.

Here’s Yours Truly with a camera. Photo by my pal Naoto Sato.


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