Plus 3: Ride and give

Plus 3 Network is the mobile social network that connects your fitness activities to corporate sponsors to make every ride a charity ride. Upload your GPS tracks to Plus 3, and Plus 3 reports your miles to their sponsors which in turn give them to a charity you select from their list of supported causes.

Right now, Plus 3 is matching $10 for every $1 worth of activities to give to the American Red Cross. Just be sure to tag any activity you upload with “Japan”. Plus 3 plans to make this donation on Friday or when they reach $5,000, whichever comes first.

Sign up at Plus 3, upload your GPS tracks and give. This isn’t limited to fitness cyclists — bike commuters are free to upload your miles as well, and cycling advocacy groups are among the listed beneficiaries.

If you’d like to contribute directly, click here for the American Red Cross Earthquake donation page.

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  1. =v= I’m an intermodal comuter. Can I just send the GPS tracks of the transbay bus I use for the part where they won’t let me ride my bike? It’s already handy in the NextBus data feed …

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