Reflective bike shorts

Would you wear these “handy” bicycle shorts?

Reflective hands bike shorts

Available for sale and made to order from Joy the Seamstress on Etsy, who describes them:

I can just imagine the giggles that folks will get when the headlights of their car reflect off your back side!! The man-sized hands follow around to the front – so they are reflective from all angles.

The Refective material appears as grey until lights reflect off of it and then – WOW!

Via Beverly and Bike Portland.


  1. No, I wouldn’t wear it (not the target demographic), but I did make me smile. It’s definitely an attention getter…maybe too much of one though. It’s hard to say whether it would serve as a safety feature or a driver distraction.

  2. I’m pretty sure these would be more of a distraction, and they may be a whole lot less effective on a cyclist on a cycle. (When I donned a helmet cover that was pig ears and snout, I removed it after two drivers had hit curbs and swerved respectively… I’ll wear it on the wide open prairie when they’ll see it from a distance ;))

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