Santa Cruz Bike Party

Santa Cruz Bike Revolution Party begins Saturday June 25, 5:30 PM at the East Cliff Shopping Center, 21511 East Cliff Drive.

Santa Cruz Bike Party welcomes all types of cyclist regardless of age and skill level. This weekend’s ride will go east on East Cliff to Capitola Avenue, curve up to Clares, south to Brommer, across the Santa Cruz Harbor on Murray, north to Water Street, down Ocean for a couple of blocks (should be fun on a Saturday night), then Soquel, Cedar, King, Swift to West Cliff before eventually rolling back to the start point for a 24 mile ride.

View the ride map here.

More details at the Santa Cruz Bike Party event page on Facebook.


  1. That description took me way back! Brommer, East Cliff, Cedar, King (Shelter Lagoon) – my old stomping grounds! Hope it was a good ride.

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