1. Here’s my theory:   calling us snobs is a simple defense reaction.   Since *they* see us and think “oh, I really shouldn’t be sitting my bucket butt in the car, smogging up the world and ftummeling the climate,” well… they might have to think about that.  So! Instead, they say “what elitist snobs!” so they don’t have to deal with their feelings.  Me, I’m just having a blast on my bike.
       Oh, well, that and… we’re not doing WHat Is Normal and (heaven forfend!) it is making them STFD  (slow down). We are therefore evil.

  2. Oh, and I’m guessing (and if I weren’t busy I would perhaps do the B.S. to post it) that this comment would apply:   when they start applying the same concern about a motorist speeding at 40 mph through a school zone or just exceeding the speed limit on t he interstate and actually killing people as opposed to hypothetically endangering them, I’ll believe you’re not being a flaming hypocrite about your “concern” for “lawbreaking” cyclists.

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