Taco Wheel

My co-worker Vince was Just Riding Along in Morgan Hill, California last weekend when his rear wheel buckled.

Taco Wheel

The bike is a Diamondback bought from Sports Authority about two years ago. “I was completely ready for this ride,” says Vince. “I had tools, spare tube, air, water and snacks.”

This wheel can possibly be made ridable. In this case it’s probably lousy spoke tension on the machine built wheel. If the spokes are reasonably tight and you’re not too interested in actually saving the wheel, you can also whack the bent side on the ground — just lift it up and over your head and bang until it’s true enough to wobble you down the road and get you home.

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  1. I did this once when my wheel slipped forward in the frame ends because the QR skewer wasn’t tight. I tried to accelerate away from a stop light when it happened.  With the wheel out of the frame and propped on a curbstone, I popped it back into shape well enough to ride it home.

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