Did Alta get the SF Bike Share bid?

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) staff recommended the selection of Alta Bicycle Share to install and manage the Bay Area bike share project.

Does anybody know if BAAQMD board approved this recommendation at their board meeting on Thursday? Minutes are not available yet.

As you’ve probably heard, BAAQMD is funding a bike share, with 500 bikes in San Francisco, and another 500 split among Redwood City, Palo Alto and San Jose. Six vendors submitted their proposals, and BAAQMD staff ranked Alta Bicycle Share as the top proposal. Two other vendors — DecoBike and B-Cycle — are recommended as alternates in case negotiations w/ Alta break down.

Each of the proposals was ranked on past experience, familiarity with Federal and state processes, the proposed service and equipment components, and value of service level and quality and quantity of equipment provided.

Alta ranked highest in all categories except cost, and staff feels Alta’s proposal is the most realistic given their experience in other cities.

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