My show notes

I participated in last weekend’s episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast. Here are my show notes.

I didn’t expect to be there this episode but I jumped in at the last minute, which explains why show host Carlton forgot to mention me.

We discussed doping for at least a good half hour. About 40 minutes into the show we get to the reason I jumped in, which is to publicize the secretive “Bike Commuter Cabal” and our shadowy attempt to get #bikecommuter trending on the Google Plus this coming Friday, October 26.

I told the gang I had to leave the show early for a ride over the Santa Cruz Mountains for an event in San Jose. I got about three miles out, felt a flub flub flub, stopped to take a look and saw this on my rear tire.

failed sidewall

I don’t know if you can see it in the photo, but that’s a bubble in my sidewall so I turned around and went back home.

The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast #91 right here. Other topics include working as a bike mechanic, a bike tour of Taiwan and bicycle recycling.

Oh, if you’re wondering about the discussion about the man who “ruined cycling,” here’s the history that resulted in Neile publishing a snarky apology and then losing his job.


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