Bike thief

Old but recently got some attention on Reddit.

Video: Guy catches thief cutting the lock on his bike. The thief threatens battery, victim calls for help but nobody — including the security guards — lifts a finger. 🙁

Not only that, the private security bike patrol guy blames the victim for not locking his bike at an approved correct bike parking location.

(Contains some language)


  1. I’d followed him around the corner and given him a good ol’ fashioned U-lock beat down. You can’t steal a bike if your hand and fingers are broken. Best part about it is…nobody would have seen it so they aren’t going to call the cops, by their logic.

  2. Send that video to the local media and tell them exactly where it occured.  Let them contact the establishment for questoining and show all the faces of the useless security they are paying for.  Then go use your rights to be a gun owner and get a full carry permit and defend yourself, your stuff, and this country from homeland terrorists.

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