Bike To Work Day Silicon Valley 2012

The San Francisco Bay Area will celebrate Bike To Work Day this Thursday, May 10 2012.

Bike To Work Day San Francisco Bay Area

SF Bay Area Bike To Work Day website, with info about Team Challenge, Energizer Station maps, and more.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition BTWD page.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition BTWD page covers San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

East Bay Bicycle Coalition BTWD info features the infamous headless cyclist graphic. The East Bay is Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Marin County Bicycle Coalition BTWD.

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition BTWD.

Solano Transportation Authority has BTWD info for that county.

There’s a Napa County Bicycle Coalition, but I guess nobody bikes to work there since the next event on their calendar is a Gran Fondo.

SF2G (“San Francisco to Google,” but most of the riders are not Googlers) has an organized Bike To Work Day ride for those riding from San Francisco down to the South Bay on Thursday.

BTWD is a pretty big deal around here, and it’s also traditionally my “Avoid Public Transportation Day.” I’m still undecided if I’ll bike “over the hill” to work or if this ends up as a Work From Home day instead. I’ll likely try to catch an early bus to San Jose and, if that fails, I’ll bike over the Santa Cruz Mountains instead.

Everyday Adventure: Mountain Charlie Road

If somebody would like to join me out of Scotts Valley at 6:30ish I’d be glad to ride over with you. My usual route is Mountain Charlie Road, over the summit to Old Santa Cruz Highway to the Los Gatos Creek Trail. It takes me a full hour to bike the 10 miles to Summit Road from my home in Scotts Valley, and then 15 minutes to travel the 7 miles to the Lexington Reservoir dam.

As I scout out the Energizer Stations map for Silicon Valley, I see slim pickings along my usual “over the hill” route, which takes me down San Tomas Expressway. Barracuda Networks sponsors breakfast on Winchester Avenue a little south of San Tomas; there’s another at the corner of San Tomas and ECR sponsored by The Off Ramp; and nVidia sponsors a breakfast station at their headquarters on San Tomas near Central Expressway. If I have time I might detour to Great American Parkway to check out Yahoo’s Energizer Station.

SF2G will also have a hugely epic BTWD ride from San Francisco into the South Bay on Bike To Work Day. Oracle sponsors an Energizer Station in Redwood Shores along the SF2G Bayway Route.

My Google friend Alex and his hardman friends will likely ride his 50+ mile route from Santa Cruz to Mountain View on Thursday. There’s enough elevation gain on that ride to summit Everest twice.

Wherever I go, I’ll camp out at an Energizer Station somewhere with my camera and maybe even a giveaway, so watch for me.

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