Bike ban hearings at Colorado Supreme Court

Colorado cycling advocates seek to overturn cycling ban in Black Hawk.

The gambling town of Black Hawk, CO banned bikes in January 2010. A trio of cyclists rode through town on purpose to test the law. Nearly three years later, the Colorado Supreme Court began hearing arguments on Thursday on the gambling town’s bike ban.

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News reports on the proceedings. I’m concerned that at least one of the judges and the bike ban supporters seem to believe that overturning the ban will mean some kind of physical “accommodation” for the cyclists is required. The roads in Black Hawk were plenty wide for cyclists before 2010, so I don’t see how they aren’t wide enough now. Did cyclists somehow become bigger than the huge motorcoaches that ferry gamblers to Black Hawk’s casinos?

The Colorado Court generally publish their decision within one to nine months of hearing the case, according to Steve Frothingham in his BR&IN article.


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