California Assembly approves 3 foot passing bill

The California Assembly approved the 3 foot bicycle passing bill by a vote of 50 – 16 after a spirited debate.

Give Me 3 Feet

California’s SB 1464 adds a minimum 3 foot distance to California’s current passing law, which specifies “a safe distance without interfering with the safe operation of the overtaken vehicle or bicycle.” The proposed law also allows motorists to cross a solid yellow line to pass a cyclist when it’s safe to do so.

The state Senate approved SB 1464 last May 25. Next step is a concurrence vote by the Senate to approve the minor differences between the Assembly and Senate versions of the bill. After the anticipated approval, the bill goes to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his approval.

Governor Brown vetoed a similar bill in 2011. The 2012 version removes the portions of the bill that Brown said he objected to, namely the confusing 15 MPH minimum speed difference exception.

More –> California Bicycle Coalition.


  1. Truckers have said they like this, as on rural narrow roads they can legally go over the double yellow line, a practice they have been doing for us cyclists for decades. I have had the occasional driver who will not cross the line nearly kill me. This will change.

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