Ellen Fletcher still rides a bicycle

83 year old Ellen Fletcher is the matriarch of cycle advocacy in the San Francisco Bay Area. The League of American Bicyclists featured her this morning as part of their 31 days 31 reasons series.

I’ve profiled Ms Fletcher a few times before, but her story is much more powerful in her own words. If you’re at all involved in any kind of bike advocacy, you owe it to yourself to read her story. She’s an amazing lady.

The 83 year old cyclist is dying of lung cancer now, but still insists on using her bike to run errands. The last time I saw her a few months ago, she seemed embarrassed to be seen with an electric assist RideKick trailer on her bike. “You know breathing is getting a little more difficult for me,” she explained, “so this electric trailer helps me bike a little easier.”

Go, now to the League of American Bicylists blog –> Why I Ride #18: For 40 Years of BTWD Smiles.

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