Faraday Bikes: 75% there!

The Faraday Bicycle combines a winning design, made-in-America handcrafted steel, an incredible feature set for utility and a motor in a lovely package created by a Silicon Valley design nerd who knows and loves bikes for transportational cycling.

Faraday Electric Bike

Check it out: heavy duty center stand, front porteur rack, bamboo fenders, Brooks B-17 saddle, disc brakes, hub gearing, leather detailing, and integrated front and rear lights. A previous version of this bike — a collab between Rock Lobster and Palo Alto design firm IDEO — won the People’s Choice aware at the Oregon Manifest design competition.

Faraday claims the 110 Wh battery (hidden inside the frame!) will provide pedal assist power to the 250W front hub motor for up to 15 miles.

Since Faraday posted their project to Kickstarter on Monday, they’re already 75% of the way to their $100,000 funding goal. I see some familiar San Francisco locations in this video.

Bike Hugger expects they’ll make their funding goal (and so do I), but kind of wonders about plunking down $3,500 without actually kicking the tires before purchase.

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