Cycling death documentary visits Santa Cruz ghost bike site

The makers of SPOKE left San Francisco last Saturday on a cross country journey to look in depth at cyclists who have been killed while riding in the United States.

Among their first stops: Joshua Laven’s ghost bike on Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz.

Laven began his journey in Florida, cycling across the country to San Francisco. Last May, he was on the final day of his tour when he was hit from behind on Highway 1 near Davenport, CA and left to die by the hit and run driver, has not been found. CHP says the vehicle is a 2002 to 2005 Dodge Ram pickup truck.

The couple who found Laven’s body have since erected a ghost bike in his memory on Coast Road.

Joshua Laven Ghost Bike

The SPOKE movie team visited Josh Laven’s ghost bike and interviewed the couple who found Laven’s body, along with the CHP officers investigating the hit-and-run.

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