Guadalupe River Trail contractors ask cyclists to please stay off this weekend!

Important finishing work to take place Friday-Monday, August 24 – 27, on San Jose Guadalupe River trail adjacent to San Jose International Airport.

Anyone who semi-regularly uses the Guadalupe River Trail between I-880 and Highway 101 alongside San Jose International Airport have noticed the paving works seems complete, and you’ve undoubtedly trespassed into the work area in spite of the “work closed” signs at each trailhead. Two additional coatings remain to be added, however, and bicycles and joggers using the path will damage the surface.

A slurry seal creates a smooth riding surface. A “fog seal” waterproofs the pavement to minimize future pot holes and other damage that can shorten the project’s useful life. During this time, any trespassing by cyclists will damage the surface. Such damage may require a do-over which will delay its reopening. Please respect all closure signage.

The contractor asks trail users to “follow the posted detours,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.


Between I-880 and Highway 101, other remaining work includes installing shoulders, striping, and concrete work for decorative pavement elements, entry points, and interpretive stations. North of Highway 101, contractors have graded the trail to Trimble Road, and we can expect asphalt to be applied at any time.

I gotta tell ya, BTW, that the portable johns in place for the construction workers have come in really handy for me a time or two.

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