Icebug running shoes – spiked shoes for winter running

Icebug running shoes from Sweden look like this from the side.

Icebug yellow running shoes with ice spikes for men

(The women’s version, naturally, comes in pink.)

Icebug pink running shoes for women

These winter running shoes have these little metal studs on the outsole to enhance traction on icy streets and trails.

Icebug winter running shoes - metal studs on the bottom

I’ve long thought that biking on icy streets is easier than walking, but studded shoes like this make it a little easier, and without those goofy slip-on fake crampons you sometimes see.

Icebug is an independent Swedish brand that began selling shoes specifically for winter running in 2001. I have no personal experience with these shoes, but people I trust tell me they’re worth the money.

If you live in the snowbelt, your local running store might stock these, or buy from Amazon:

H/T to Lisa in Dillingham, Alaska. Disclosure: I get a percentage of the revenue when you buy these shoes through Amazon via these links). To learn more about Icebug, visit their English language website.

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