Wreckless riding

[ Yes, the misspelling is intentional, because there were no (fatal) wrecks. Hence, “wreckless.” ]


The other weekend as I enjoyed a delicious meatball sub at Pennisi’s Deli in Sacramento with Raymond and one of his boys, I heard a crescendoing series of car honks coming down J Street.

“Watch this,” I told Raymond. “I bet that’s the MASH crew coming to town.”

I looked out onto J Street, and sure enough a group of about four riders in MASH kit flew down the avenue, running red lights and weaving through cross traffic.

These boys (and a few girls) had time trialed their way to Sacramento from the East Bay on their fixed gear bikes, riding the 70 miles in just over 3 hours.

I’ve done my share of crazy stupid riding, but these guys take crazy to a whole new level. The videos are kind of fun to watch, but when you see these guys doing it in real life it’s a little bit breathtaking. Every time I see them riding I fully expect to see blood on the street.

This video from San Francisco is a little more cringe-inducing than the usual, I think. It accompanies a story entitled “Rules Every Cyclists Should Know (And MASH Breaking Everyone of Them!).”

Maybe I shouldn’t post this video; I hope it doesn’t encourage more reckless riding, though, as far as I know, nobody has died on a MASH ride.

In other news, at least nine people died in separate car accidents in the state of California on Friday (when I wrote this story), so cyclists certainly don’t have a monopoly on stupid recklessness:

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  1. I hope the police use these videos as evidence and give these guys tickets. Just like they’ve done to idiots posting videos of them driving silly fast/dangerous in cars.

    All the crashes you cite as car drivers being reckless have a big difference with these clowns. I would guess that none of those accidents are by people who are celebrating their recklessness by videoing it and posting it.

    I only hope that when they eventually get hurt it will only be themselves that get hurt and no innocent people who they are forcing into their dangerous circus side show.

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