Recycled aluminum bicycles

Extruded aluminum used for bicycle tubes are already partly recycled, but Ride Recycle promises more in their uniquely designed, belt drive, made-in-the-USA bikes.

Ride Recycled aluminum belt drive bicycle with NuVinci n360 hub

The bike shown above is their mBula model, Ride Recycle’s city bike available via Kickstarter. Ride Recycle claims these bikes will be manufactured in Portland, OR with all recycled 6061 aluminum tubing and sustainable materials such as cork in the saddle and handlebar grips. They says the mBula already passes “European, more-stringent safety codes” (I presume CEN 14764?).

Belt drive requires no lubrication, and the NuVinci n360 continuous variable transmission hub provides easy shifting with “infinite” gears with NuVinci’s “inchworm” shifter.

Belt drives normally require a break in the frame to facilitate belt removal, but the funky location of the chainstay allows a break-free path for the belt.

Stretch goals in this Kickstarter campaign are for the Moshi Moshi and Mudmaste models. Moshi Moshi is chain driven with a flip flop fixed / SS hub. The Mudmaste is another belt + n360 model trail bike.

For more details, view the Kickstarter video and visit the campaign page.

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