Reliable transportation required

My son started his first ever day of paid employment last Friday. He biked to his job, but nobody was there. A half hour later he gets a phone call: the person who’s supposed to train him can’t show up because his car broke down. Oops.

Job listings for jobs and careers in the bicycle industry and anything else that might be bike related below this video showing how the people at Santa Cruz Bicycles roll to work.

How We Roll – Bike Portraits from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.

Bicycle riding booth babes female brand ambassadors wanted for Interbike next month in Vegas. (I thought they moved from the Sands to Mandalay this year?)

Adult Bicycle Education wanted for the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

SmartEtailing in Boulder, Colorado still needs skilled writers for t their bike shop website templates. Opening too for Editor / Proofwriter.

Writers wanted for a bike touring website in Boulder, CO.

Bike riding tour guide in Brooklyn.

cafe Manager for a “South Bay bicycle company.” The only one that I can think of that’s big enough for an onsite cafeteria would be Specialized in Morgan Hill. Other openings at Specialized include demand planning analyst.

Inventory associate with “working knowledge of road, tri, & mountain bicycle parts as an experienced cyclist” in Chula Vista, CA.

The Red Bicycle Coffee Shop needs a barista in Chapel Hill, NC.

Internet Sales & Marketing for Cycle World in southern California.

This opening in West Virginia is your standard security guard job that includes a bike patrol, but I thought the title is pretty funny: “Protection Job.” Brings to mind thugs who demand protection money, or else unfortunate things might happen.

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  1. …nice chuckle whilst reading about your son’s first gainful form of employment…

    …props to the young man & maybe eventually (baby steps) he can teach his new trainer about alternative methods of transportation…

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