Canadian Olympian Robin Clegg injured by road raging driver

Robin Clegg, who represented Canada in the Winter Olympics in the biathlon, was hit by a car while on a Sunday training ride outside of Calgary, Alberta.

Update: In the Edmonton Journal here — Olympian injured in confrontation with motorist while cycling

Robin Clegg hit by car Calgary Alberta Canada

Witnesses report the unidentified driver intentionally hit Clegg, who suffered fractures to his clavicle, ribs and elbow. He’s in surgery to repair the damage and friends say he’s expected to recover.

Clegg retired from competitive cross country skiing and recently took up road cycling, competing in local races as a Category 2 cyclist.

Photo by Clegg’s teammate and friend Jason Myslicki. H/T to Bike Bike Calgary.

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  1. …there are times when cyclists can push the barriers of being sensible out on the road (not that there was any indication of that here) but to use a 3 to 4 thousand pound vehicle as an actual weapon against a cyclist in the manner it was used here is a dangerous criminal activity…

    …& should be treated as such, just like the doctor in so-cal who was just sentenced to jail time…

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