San Jose traffic

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed gets his first traffic ticket in decades while driving his Prius to the office.

In the meantime, some drivers are confused by the new, extra wide bike lanes around downtown San Jose, while others praise them. One letter writer even claims, “I’ve given up altogether on driving and have been taking advantage of those new bike lanes running through San Jose, the Guadalupe River Trail, and using Caltrain for my commute. I also get home in the same amount of time! Riding through the river trail is actually quite enjoyable in the afternoon. These days I feel like I’m slowly dying if I’m sitting in traffic in my car.”

Bryan at Streetsblog SF wrote about San Jose’s new push for bike facilities.

Finally, VTA has approved $65 million to begin work on the 280/880/17/Stevens Creek interchange improvement project, which will include a new exit ramp that feeds directly to the popular Valley Fair Mall, which has the highest sales volume in the state of California. Yay, progress.

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