Santa Cruz Traffic Report

School is out for everybody. With warm temperatures and sunny skies everybody is headed to the beach and the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. With congested traffic and full parking lots, Santa Cruz is a great place to ride a bike.

I counted 24 cyclists in this 3 minute video, about evenly matched male vs female. Four of them had helmets on. In spite of the very heavy auto traffic and somewhat heavy bike usage around town, the last bicycle crash was logged on May 31 as of Saturday night.

Other things to watch for: The two way cycletrack, a traffic circle, the trestle bridge, the “PARKING LOT FULL” sign by the Boardwalk, “Bikes May Use Full Lane” sign on East Cliff Drive, bike lanes everywhere, sharrows everywhere else, cooperative lane use,

Sorry about the audio track on my three minute bicycle tour of Santa Cruz. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now it just sounds lame and annoying. Turn the volume down if you’re so inclined.

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