Santa Cruz Bike To Work Advert

This is Bike to Work Week in Santa Cruz, California. Ecology Action even produced a 60 second TV spot for it. It’s a little corny, reasonably positive, and I’m pretty sure this is the first bike ad that’s used the cliched screech of a red-tailed hawk.

This map shows the free breakfast sites available throughout Santa Cruz County. Most of them are in the city of Santa Cruz. Mollie’s Country Cafe in Scotts Valley will serve egg sandwiches again this year, which is super awesome of them. White Raven Coffee will serve breakfast in Felton. In Watsonville, you can find Bike To Work Day breakfast stations at the 2nd Street Cafe, and out by the airport at Fox Racing. The 2nd Street Cafe station is sponsored by Cal Giant, which likely means they’ll hand out huge boxes of strawberries, so bring your cargo bike.

View Bike to Work Breakfast Sites Spring 2012 in a larger map

Thursday is also Bike To School Day, where participating schools have their own free breakfast stations.

There’s other stuff going on all week to encourage more bikes in Santa Cruz. You can pretty much get free treats from someplace in Santa Cruz every day of the week if you ride your bike there. Click here to find the goodies.

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