Specialized launches a really hot e-bike

I saw hints of this from Specialized’s job postings and heard rumors of a Specialized branded e-bike spotted around the area, and now it’s official: Specialized has launched the Turbo, a hot looking electric bike for sporty commuter use.

The launch video was shot in San Francisco, but from what I understand this bike will be available only for the European market, at least for now.

Geir Anders was in Valencia for the launch of this bike and posts details and bike pr0n photos at Byskling. He also discusses the implications of European rules on e-bike top assist speeds – the Turbo is governed to Germany’s 28 MPH limit, while most of Europe limits e-bikes to 16 MPH.

Since the bike is for the European market, it has the weeny 250 watt motor mandated by CE rules there. I like how the 430Wh battery is integrated into the oversized downtube. Another plus is the integrated lights, but that seems like it should be standard for European city bikes. I’m a little surprised to see no fenders in the video. I’d think for a $7000 bike they’d spring for IGH and maybe even a belt drive, too.

The street-legal ZERO XU electric motorcycle capable of highway speeds, incidentally, begins at $7700.

Bike Hugger is Specialized’s main cheerleader these days and Byron there is super stoked about this bike. Byron has an exclusive interview with a Specialized marketing guy later today so watch for more news about this bike Real Soon Now.

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