The Time Crunched Cyclist, 2nd Edition

I’m skimming Chris Carmichael’s The Time Crunched Cyclist: Fit, Fast, and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week, released yesterday by VeloPress.

Chris Carmichael the Time Crunched Cyclist book cover

So far I’ve only read Chapter 5 “The Commuter’s Plan for Race Ready Fitness,” which is new for this 2nd edition along with chapters on cyclocross and endurance mountain bike races.

The conventional wisdom has traditionally held that commute miles are junk miles for elite level training. Carmichael’s “time crunched” plan, however, emphasizes high intensity interval training to maximize the benefit of your commute miles.

I’ll post a more thorough review after I’ve read the complete book. I’m far from an “elite” level athlete, but I like self improvement and, like probably most everybody who reads this blog, my time on bike is shorter than it should be.

Carmichael addresses fitness for road racing, century rides, cyclocross, Gran Fondos, mountain bike events, and multi-day cycling tours in this book.

Available from Amazon and your Local Bike Shop.

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  1. Well darn. I have the first book, and really tried to work it in order to get ready for the Devil Mountain Double. I was going to skip this one, but as a religious daily bike commuter, I guess I better grab it! Thanks for the heads up.

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