What is the #bikecommutercabal?

A couple of Fridays ago, a loose confederation of cyclists worked to game Google’s social media site and get the hashtag ‘#purple’ trending.

Today, we’re using our mad skills for a better purpose: we want to encourage cycling for transportation by promiting our secret handshake: the hashtag #bikecommutercabal.  Here’s how you can help.

If you’re a member of Google Plus, go there to publicly post a mention of #bikecommutercabal, and check in at Trend the Bike commuter Cabal while you’re at it. 

If you’re not on G+, search for #bikecommutercabal using Google’s search engine.  Mention #bikecommuter cabal in the other social media sites. These mentions apparently get picked up by Google in their secret formula to determine such things.

The US east coast people have been at it for a couple of hours now and have already managed to get #bikecommutercabal trending, though it has slipped to number 5 by now.  Let’s see if we can bring it back up through the day and spread a little bicycle commuting enthusiasm.

With a shout out to Ordinary Bob who organized today’s activity.


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