Boda Boda Bicycle

Win a free cargo bicycle from Yuba Bicycles

Draw your idea of a “Boda Boda” bicycle and you can win a new one from Yuba.

Yuba - what does a Boda Boda Look like?

Yuba Bicycle will launch their new Boda Boda bike on June 27, and they’re giving you a chance to get one of these new cargo bicycles for free.

Bicycles taxis in some east African countries are called “Boda Boda.” In the 1960s, bicycle owners at border towns along the Kenyan / Ugandan frontier would yell out “Boda Boda!” (Border Border) to find people who needed a ride across the border. The term and practice has spread from northern Kenya to the surrounding region since then to become an integral part of African bicycle culture.

Boda boda bikes are typically made of hi-ten steel with sturdy, cushioned racks and double top tubes, something like this.

Boda Boda Bicycle Taxi

What will Yuba Bicycle’s version of the Boda Boda look like? Submit your rendition to Yuba — the person who comes closest, in their judgement, gets a free bike. Cool, huh?

Contest details at Yuba Bicycle’s blog.

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