2 Specialized bikes on San Jose Craigslist, one seller

Compare and contrast these two bikes for sale in San Jose from Craiglist.


This first bike — a DI2 equipped Roubaix S-Works Specialized Carbon Fiber Framing Mountain Bike for $4500 sounds pretty sketchy on the surface, but the poster claims she doesn’t know about bikes because it belonged to her dead brother.

Still a little fishy, but maybe we can give this seller the benefit of doubt. But if you search on her phone number – 408-660-3201, you find several fishy looking ads, including one for another bike: a Specialized that really is a mountain bike.

Used Specialized bikes for sale San Jose California

Did you have either of these bikes stolen?

Update: The Roubaix apparently belongs to a guy named Martin in San Jose. Does anybody know him?

Via discussion on Platty Jo’s Facebook page.

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