A women’s pro team cost: $400K

The British Cycling Weekly breaks down the sponsorship costs of a professional women’s cycling and shows us a top women’s pro team costs about £250,000- that’s about US$400,000. In the world of ProTour cycling, $400K pays the salary of a three or four domestiques, which translates into the bottom 15% of the team roster.

Matrix Fitness Racing Academy team manager Stef Wyman says that $400k is the total budget needed to set up and maintain a high-level professional team. This can be from up to two main partners – the names of which actually become the name of the team, which is unique in sport! According to Wyman, this pays for a roster of 12 riders; access to the best women’s race on the calendar such as the Giro d’Italia, Tour of Flanders and Flèche Wallone; excellent media coverage for sponsors: team cars and clothing covered with their logos and colours; and perks for company employees: signed team jerseys, rides in the team car during races, maybe even a photo shoot with the team in your office.

The Cycling Weekly article goes into more detail about what lower levels of sponsorship can get you, but it looks like an amazing deal for anybody looking into sponsorship. The article talks about UK women’s pro cycling, but similar opportunities exist here in the USA as well.

H/T Sarah Connolly.

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