Always good for laughs

In this episode of People Behaving Badly by KRON 4 News Stanley Roberts, an ethics teacher tries to tell a parking enforcement officer (on bike, yay!) that she shouldn’t get a parking ticket because /ahem/ she teaches ethics?

More Bicycle News

Urban Velo has been posting photo galleries of products seen at Eurobike. Start here and work your way back.

Remember Sgt Ernst, who blamed the victim and parked his police cruiser in the bike lane to teach cyclists to pass on the left in the wake of a San Francisco cyclist’s death? San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr apologized for Ernst’s behavior after video evidence revealed the truck driver drove into the cyclist.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill explicitly allowing cyclists to pass to the right of slower traffic. This new law came about after the cyclist was ticketed when she was doored on the passenger side of car. A similar thing happened in California a few years ago, after which then Governor Schwarzenegger signed 1318 into law in 2010, allowing California cyclists to filter to the right of stopped traffic.

Major Taylor rules on Bay Area Bike Share.

Don't be a pie biter

Tour American Civil War battlefields by bicycle.

Total jerk steals Chicago bicycle library.

A problem with continuing education classes: the students aren’t paying attention because they’re constantly on their laptops and mobile devices. Denver Bar Association came up with a unique solution: Spinning on stationary bikes during class will keep student hands otherwise occupied.

The Orlando Sentinel head says the Florida DOT is turning down a $2.6 million Federal grant for recreational trails because there are “too many strings” attached to the program. The news item fails to mention this is from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), which is paid for by a Federal excise on off-road vehicle fuel sales. An RTP opt-out means the state still receives the funds, but they’re allocated to the state’s Transportation Alternatives Program, allowing the state more flexibility.

A paying gig for a bike artist to create “bicycle related comical posters.”

Bike friendly hotels.

NASCAR racer Bobby Labonte rides a bicycle.

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