Bike thefts in Mill Valley California, and a misleading headline

San Jose bike commuters

The Mill Valley Patch promises “Victoria’s Secret Shenanigans” in this police blotter that turns out to just be a case of identity theft, but we also see the theft of a couple bikes.

Police received a report that a $5,000 white Santa Cruz Blue LT mountain bike was stolen from the 400 block of East Blithedale Ave. near Mesa Avenue. The bike was locked to a bike rack and the lock was cut, according to the report.

Police received a report of grand theft of a Blue Felt 55 road bike outside Mill Valley Market. It was unclear if the bike was locked outside the store.

Katelyn feels a little bit left out at the bike shop.

Bike riders on popular Minneapolis trail targeted in attacks.

Drew Ditlefsen was pedaling his Long Haul Trucker cycle Wednesday on Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway when he heard a crash of breaking glass. That was followed by a fwoooosh! and the trail behind him was suddenly lit up with fire.

In past trips through the Greenway, Ditlefsen has had many things lobbed at him from bridges. It’s been mainly sticks and bottles, although he has a friend who claims somebody tried to drop a shopping cart on her. The Molotov cocktail was a new experience, and one that baffled him.

I haven’t mentioned Zero Per Gallon lately, so go check him out if you’re not familiar with his products.

Grist says biking is healthy for you, and illustrates it with a photo taken by Yours Truly.

Bike safety summits announced by DOT Secretary Ray LaHood.

What if you bought a stool from Ikea and didn’t follow the instructions? You might accidentally end up with a bicycle.

Life Hacker uses a photo I shot of my dog playing with the neighbor’s dog.

Long time anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan rides a bicycle.

Michigan State Police seek the owner of an abandoned Roadmaster 10 speed mountain bike with a rusted chain!!

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