Bikes, blogs and the news: Monday roundup

Today: An Afghan women’s cycling team, maybe a bike bridge across the USA-Canada frontier, bike lane parking, adventures, rides, obstacles and opportunities.

Before the Party

Gwadzilla’s photo gallery of DC Bike Party. DCBP founder Lia Seremetis moved to DC from San Jose, CA, where she first heard about Bike Party.

The best bikes of SXSW 2013.

A collection of Tweed Rides for March 2013.

San Francisco Bay Area stolen bike alerts, and a stolen trike.

Menlo Park Police bike theft prevention tips.


Support the Afhan Women’s Cycling Team.

It is culturally offensive for a woman to ride a bike in Afghanistan. Forget “feeling left out of the men’s peloton” or “getting shafted in the local bicycle shop”. The women who ride in Afghanistan do it at the risk of their own personal safety. They do it as a statement – a very literal statement – of freedom. And now, they propose to do it as sport. On behalf of their country. On borrowed gear and scraped together bikes.

A bike path to connect Detroit, MI to Windsor, Ontario? Currently, there’s no way to bike across the international border across the Detroit River.

Obstacles for a Charleston bike path project.

A bicycle ride for Sandy Hook.

Bike Lane = Parking Lane in Antioch, California.

White Joy by Jill in Alaska.

The only net-zero energy bicycle retailer in the country.

Urban Velo reviews Crank Brothers Mallet DH Race pedals.

CHP to crack down on large group rides that impede traffic in West Marin County, California. And for the motorists, the CHP plans a crackdown on distracted driving beginning in April.

Racers on I-680 in Walnut Creek yesterday results in a dismembered motorcycle rider and a seriously injured motorist.

New York City College of Technology to host a symposium on the evolving culture and impact of the bicycle in Brooklyn.

Loving the Bike asks: What motivates you to ride?


  1. On the motorcyclist who died while “racing,” one of the people who commented in the Merc article said he and a friend were doing 75-80 in the left lane and the guy who died looked like he was trying to fix his seat behind him. So I’m taking the “racing” story with a grain of salt. Like bicyclists, motorcyclists are regularly blamed for the sins of other riders.

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