Going the distance, going for speed

Happy Day before Independence Day.

You know how the pros swerve all over the road as they approach the finish line to block their opponents? This move frustrates commuters on the trail, too.

"That Guy"

Bicycle News

Bay Area Bike Share membership opens up July 15.

VeloNews: injuries in the Tour de France.

Bike Hugger on Cause Célèbre of Ted King:

The cause célèbre of Ted King should examine cycling’s suffering hero narratives, because keeping riders in after injury is a reason they dope. If the NFL can keep its stars out over repeated hits to the head, cycling can sustain the loss of a domestique for 19 days.

More in his post over at Google Plus.

Biking Bis and slow bicycling.

Capital Bikeshare is hiring a bike rebalancer. Your job is a drive a truck with trailer to move bikes around the bike share system.

Capital Bikeshare balance truck

No BART strike worries for Stephen Linaweaver , who kayaks to work from Oakland to San Francisco. He makes the trip in about an hour.

You know how all of those talking heads freaked out about the lack of head protection for bike share riders? It turns out biking on bike share bikes isn’t all that dangerous.

Have a Happy 4th! I’ll be on the road to visit family in Colorado Springs this weekend. Ping me on Google Plus if you’re interested in a meetup, or leave a comment here. I’ll be in Colorado Springs most of the time, with a quick trip up to Denver and Longmont later in the week and a day on Longs Peak.

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