Bicycle blogs Friday roundup

Today: A world record, bike parking in Kansas, recalls, awareness rides, and the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

Misses Palmer and Severud and their “wheels,” Milton, North Dakota, 1900s.  Courtesy of North Dakota Institute of Regional Studies.

Misses Palmer and Severud of Milton, North Dakota fix their wheels. North Dakota Institute of Regional Studies.

31 year old Krystian Herba from Poland climbs to the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center — by riding his bike up the stairs to set a new world record.

Mr Rogers rode a bicycle alongside Mr McFeely.

Red Bike and Green encourages people of color to ride bikes. Via Grist.

Parking at the New HyVee. (Hint: It’s about biking there)

Bikes For the Rest of Us looks at bikes for children along with the Linus Kids bikes.


Recalls: Magura hydraulic disc brakes, Yuba Mundo, and Hello Kitty Scooters (described as “Sold exclusively at Walmart” and “Sold exclusively at Toys R Us).

IMBA adds new regional directors for mountain bike trail advocacy.

Some interesting new bike lanes in Kyoto Japan.

A Jefferson County (Alabama) Sheriff’s deputy completes a 380 mile ride for traumatic brain injury awareness.

Newspaper in Wauwautosa, Wisconsin answers the question: Is it OK to drive in bicycle lanes?

Stolen mountain bike recovered in Craigslist sting in Olympia, Washington.

3D model of a complete bicycledecides to shelve it for now.

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